August 31, 2000

Hey Fletch fans. I changed the wording of the link to the DVD petition. I dont think people knew it was a petition before. I think they thought it was to buy the dvd. Anyway, we've had a bunch of new sigs but we NEED A TON MORE!!!

Our good pal Mike sent us a great little synopsis of the Fletch Won novel for people that havent read it. Check it out in the Fletch Won section. Thanks so much Mike!

August 29, 2000
I just got an autographed 8x10 of our good friend Jim Swarthout (William Sanderson)
. He is a great guy and Fletched up the autograph a little bit adding "Jim Swarthout" under his names as well as the note "Fletch Lives!" Click on the thumbnail to see larger and also check out his website http://www.williamsanderson.net . Thanks to William and his really nice wife Sharon! :)

August 26, 2000

My buddy (Big Bob) found a FLETCH DRINKING GAME. Check it out it is really funny and cool! It was put together by Maxim Online. "So sit back, pop open a can of Coors, garnishee your wages, and prepare to laugh yourself into drunken stupor."

There is a petition on the Laker Ground to have the Lakers retire George Miken's #99. Since 99 is the jersey number worn by Fletch, wouldn't you like to see it hanging from the rafters? Sign his petition here to HONOR 99

August 24, 2000

Some quick but great news. Kevin Smith has agreed to sit down and answer some questions about Fletch and his new movie some time in April or May. Kev has emailed me a few times in the last couple days and has been just great. So look out for Laker Jim's exclusive "Fletch" interview with Kevin Smith coming in Spring.

Also there is a little write up about Smith's "Fletch Won" project in this month's issue of Cinescape Magazine. It basically says everything we already know, but its nice to see it in print.

August 22, 2000

There is a new "Interviews" section to this site where I will hopefully interview alot of the people in the Fletch World. Check out the link. The first interview is with Mr. Jim Swarthout himself, William Sanderson. More to come...

August 21, 2000

A big fan of this site over at DVDCE.COM (DVD Collector's Edition Website) put up a link to our site as well as our Fletch DVD Petitions right on the bottom of his front page.. If you have not signed both petitions....what are you waiting for......... ? get over there now and do your part. And if you already signed up...sign up family members if they have a different email address!! DVDCE.com also is featuring Kevin Smiths Collector DVDs this month.

August 20, 2000

Sorry I have not updated in awhile. Homepage has been down or slow or something I haven't been able to connect. I just finished my FLETCH WON book on tape. it was pretty good. Not really that funny. Kevin is gonna have to spice up the movie with some great Fletch lines but the story is typical "Fletch." I will have reviews of the book very soon. Anyone who wants to write a review of the book please email it to me at showtime87@home.com and I will post your reviews. Keep signing BOTH Fletch DVD petitions (tell your friends- the more the better) More news when it rolls in...

August 14, 2000

Laker Jim's Fletch Won Homepage turned one month old today...it celebrates with over 4500 hits to the front page. I added a new Poll as well. The past poll "What Fletch Line do you use most in everyday life?" was won by the line "No, Never Never." It got 28 (25%) out of the 110 people who voted. Here's how the rest turned out:

No, Never Never  (28) -25%
What can I do to - for you?  (23) -20%
I rent 'em. I have a lease with an option to buy  (20) -18%
Car Just hit a water buffalo  (16) -14%
Oh for Gosh darn darn!  (12) -10%
Hey, I think our problems may just be solved. Ed McMahon. I think I just won a million bucks  (11) - 10%

I got a note about my horrible spelling. I'm sorry. It's my major weakness. God didn't bless me to be a good speller. I tried to fix all the errors. If you find any in the future please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Keep coming back Fletch Fans, the future is looking bright for the world of Irwin M. Fletcher.

August 13, 2000

Hey everyone. i know I promised I was gonna try to read FLETCH WON but I caved. i couldn't do it. i hate reading. Like all anti-readers I turned to Books on Tape. Theres nothing like having a book read to you...so I found a site that has Fletch Won on Tape for only about $14. It comes on 7 60minute tapes and comes in a cool clam-shell box. The guy who reads it (Grover Gardner) does a great job. I'm almost done...on tape 6 and I cant wait for the end. Go to Fletch Won at booksontape.com ....enjoy

August 9, 2000

Wow, just got back from Redbank with my friends Joe, Chris, and my sister Jen. We visited Kevin Smith comic store "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" and we had a blast. Kevin has stuff from all his movies in the store as well as some great comics and toys. I loved the way the store was set up. You could go 100 times and see something you missed the time before. In the store we posed with the "Buddy Christ" and Kevin's outfits from Mallrats. Across the street we took a picture in a familiar pose on the stoop of the music store like Affleck and Lee from "Chasing Amy." Then, from the Stash we went to The "Quick Stop" from the movie Clerks. Check out all the pics in the picture section.

Also, I just got my mail fixed today. It has been down for a week. So I lost anyones name who wants to be on the FLETCH WON MAILING LIST...so if you wanna be emailed whenever we update the site...email me at showtime87@home.com I was very happy to see an e-mail from the one and only Kevin Smith. In it he told me he has been checking out the site and thinks its "VERY COOL!" :) That made my day!

I sent Kevin and Jason a Fletch picture to sign (the main logo of the site) on Tuesday (8/8) morning....I'll let you know if I get anything back

August 7, 2000

Rumors have hit the net via Cinescape, Newsaskew, and others that Kevin at the convention last week announced that Jason Lee will in fact play Fletch. I was so happy until I saw that Kevin soon posted this reaction to the story...

"NO ONE was confirmed for 'Fletch Won' at WizardCon. Lee's a strong candidate, as is Affleck. But the film's more than a year off, and we haven't even started talking about the official casting yet. Like most of you, we have our favorites; but it'll be awhile before we get beyond theoretical casting."

Well, I think he knows the public, his fans, and Fletch maniacs all want Jason to play a young Fletch. He is right that its far away, but he could settle us all down if he could just confirm the Fletch role...it would let us mentally prepare.

August 5, 2000

Where has the summer gone? I sure as hell dont remember it. Anyway, my comp has been screwed up for the last couple days and I havent been able to update anything. My mail is still down, so if you wrote me and havent heard back...thats why. Hopefully @home is saving the incoming mail while its down.

My ranting and raving about the false Chevy report finally got somewhere. Although I was the first to throw this idea out there, there were tons and tons of people who backed me on it. Even NewsAskew posted a correction. However they didn't give me any credit for figuring it all out. Shame on them...

August 2, 2000

As seen on NewsAskew, Salon.com's writer Amy Reiter wrote a brief thing about Chevy in her Aug 1 write-up. All she is trying to do, I think, is start up more fire between Kevin And Chevy. She's using this new "Fletch Won" with Chevy quotes from the past "Fletch 3" project. It never mentions a quote regarding the Fletch Won project. Wouldn't you think if someone interviewed him recently about Fletch....they would ask him what he thought about the role maybe going to Jason Lee? or How does he feel about not being Fletch through the whole movie of FW? Its crazy and its stupid. If you look at her history with writing about Chevy, all she does is bash him in her articles. I was reading one about him saying "he's a way better musician than the members of Steely Dan," with whom he used to play in his Bard College days. She did a whole write up about it. He was joking Amy. He's a comedian. Or at least he was trying to be one!

UPDATE- if you look in the Newsaskew Fletch archives at Feb 10 2000, the quotes are used in an article by Vancouver Province about the Fletch 3 project long before Fletch Won was ever announce by Kevin. So what do you think about that Amy Reiter!! You've been outed!!! Kevin and Chevy's relationship is already wounded...don't try to jam the stake deeper into Kev's heart!

August 1, 2000

Hey everyone. The site has been getting a ton of hits, thanks to the mention of our Fletch DVD petitions on NewsAskew. Thanks to everyone who signed them. Keep the names and email address' coming. We are not gonna get this thing done with 25 and 50 names and addys. I'm thinking we are gonna need near 1,000. One Big Trouble in Little China site put up a petition, got over 1,000 names and now look.....a jam packed Big Troub DVD is due out next year. So this can happen. On a sad note, I was feeling like promoting the site the other day. I searched people on AOL Instant Messenger who liked movies. I must have Im'd 50 people with "Hey Are you a fan of the movie Fletch." 99% of the response "I've never heard of it." I was shocked. I was also very sad. That's why we need these movies on DVD so that the new DVD generation will be able to see what great comedy is all about. I've also been getting a ton of email saying how much people enjoy my tribute to Phil Hartman I put on this site. If you have not checked it out....the link is on the front page right under the Fletch "NoNeverNever Board"...or you an just click HERE. Also, Happy Birthday to Kevin Smith....Fletch's new savior!