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Latest News from the World of Fletch May 29, 2004 .-------------------------

FLETCH: The Jane Doe Edition DVD Announced!


Thanks to Scott Reinecke for the heads up!

Well, Fletch fans, our long wait is more scratching and clawing on eBay to get your hands on a copy of Fletch on DVD. on May 1st, Universal Studios will release "Fletch: The James Doe Edition. For those of you that have been with the site for a long time will know that we've been begging Universal via our online petition. We struck gold with the Fletch Lives  release and now I must thank the over 3,000 Fletch fans that signed it.

You can pre-order it on a few websites (including between $14.99-19.99

DVD Featurettes:
"Just Charge it to the Underhills: Making and Remembering Fletch" Featurette
"From Cocktoaston to Harry S. Truman: The Disguises" Featurette
Favorite Fletch Moments

Technical Specs:
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Transfer
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 tracks

I'm going to try to get my hands on a pre-copy of the DVD to review for you guys and get some screen shots as well.


Front Runner Is No Scrub

A Visualization of Zach Braff as Fletch

Bill Lawence has been tapped to write and direct Fletch Won this spring  but the rumored name remains the same name in association with Irwin M Fletcher...Zach Braff (of Scrubs & Garden State). Braff was also the last rumoured name when Director Kevin Smith was attached.

Lawence is scared, but for a good reason. "I have been so comfortable in the TV business for so long, I've not operated without a net," said Lawrence. "So I am so scared about doing 'Fletch' because I just have nightmares about f***ing it up. Not only would it bum me out personally, but I'm such a fan, it's the first time I've ever done anything that all my closest friends that I grew up with have each taken the time to call me and said, 'If you mess this up, we're going to kill you.'"

"I modernized it. I think it's more tonally close to the book than anything else because the first one was Chevy Chase in his kind of sketch arena. It's not as sketchy [but] it's not that close to the book. I used definitely a lot of the plot elements but tonally, it's a lot closer to the book and the books than the first 'Fletch' movie was. I'm a huge Greg McDonald fan. I read all the novels before I even saw the movie. The dialogue just pops. You can basically cut out pages and just shoot them, the guy writes such good dialogue."

Ironically, I've only seen one episode of Scrubs and it was one where they want to pop in Fletch: "I've seen Fletch." "But you haven't seen it with us saying all the lines!"

Thanks to Ninjatomatoe01, JacktheWriter, Mr. Nuff, and butterknees for the scoop.

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May 29, 2004

The Long Awaited Interview...

Wow, what a bumpy ride the last month has been. After a YEAR of waiting, I get an email from Jayni Chase (Chevy's wife) saying they were trying to track me down.

"Hey!  Is this Laker Jim?  If so, please let me know ASAP.  You won't believe this, but Chevy has FINALLY answered all of your questions!  Unfortunately, we  printed them out, gave them directly to Chevy who "lost" them in a pile, a huge pile, of papers next to our bed.  I've been spring cleaning and found it a couple of weeks ago.  He felt so bad!  He finally had some time yesterday to sit down and write out answers.  He's not real good on the computer, so he still writes things out longhand.  So, please respond and we'll go from there!                Jayni Chase"

So HERE is the Chevy interview. Afterwards, Jayni said that we might be able to interview him again over the phone so get your questions ready.

Chevy Signing

I just got word from SuperStarGreetings that the date for Chevy's signing will be on June 8th. For all you that pre-ordered, your stuff should arrive about a week after the signing. For all you that haven't....what are you waiting for? Head over to the autograph section and place your order today!

Fun Stuff

AJ Taylor was nice enough to send us a span shot of some eggs he and his family had painted for Easter. Which one is your favorite?

Charity Auction

Thanks to everyone who bid on Chevy's Charity auction items on the Charity Folks Website. The charity made a ton of money to benefit children and the environment. I bid about $1,500 bucks on the "Dinner with Fletch" auction, but was quickly outbid :(

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May 3, 2004 .----------------------------------------------------------------------

Site Back...for NOW

Hey Fletch fans, Our ex website host WhizHost basically shit the bed. It's gone and so were we. I just renewed for the year in April too...all that money, gone. A Company called SB-HOST was kind enough to get our site back on-line while the dust clears. Will keep you up to date as I figure everything out. We will continue be the #1 source for
everything Fletch!

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April 14, 2004 .----------------------------------------------------------------------

Chevy Sightings & News

Hey Fletch fans, not much happening in the world of Fletch, but here is some Chevy news that will keep you guys busy for the time being.

Rent-A-Husband: Finally a trailer has popped up for this movie starring Chevy and Brooke Shields that is now called "Our Italian Husband." Check out the trailer here. Chevy plays a Home Shopping TV host and gives some great advice: "Nothing can ruin a marriage quicker than skid marks in your underwear." So true. Looks like Chevy landed a funny part in this one. Thanks to HarrySTruman2

Bad Meat

Bad Meat: A Project I thought was in Post Production hell, seems to be moving in the right direction. Michael Hirsch expects to complete post of Bad Meat by July and is looking for a producer’s rep to steer the film through festivals and distribution. Read the full story here.
 Thanks to John
John Belushi was honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star of his own. At the ceremony was John's brother Jim, Chevy, Dan Aykroyd, and a few others.  See Pictures to the right. Thanks again to HarrySTruman2

Chevy at John Belushi's Star

Chevy is doing another Private signing in early May so we will be back in stock with most of our Chevy signed goodies. Check out out Autograph Section to purchase some awesome memorabilia while it's in stock!!

Some new items include:
Caddyshack Poster signed by Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield
Caddyshack Flags signed by Chevy Chase
Unsigned Authentic Fletch jerseys
And More...

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February 22, 2004 .----------------------------------------------------------------------

Fletch Won off 'till 2005

While we were hoping that the quiet before the storm was a good thing, the insane ride that fans have been on for a new Fletch film has taken another unexpected turn. As director Kevin Smith was penning the second re-write of his Fletch Won script, Miramax landed the movie "The Green Hornet." Kevin and Miramax are pushing Fletch back a year to work on The Green Hornet now. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that we all have to tack on another 365 days to a wait that's been 6 years and counting for some.

And No, Chevy is not being cast as the Green Hornet (as far as you know). But HarrySTruman2 of the Message Board posted this suggestion as a nice compromise. I thought you'd get a kick out of the visual.

We also have some Authentic Unsigned gold Fletch Lakers jerseys for sale. All the numbers and letter are sewn on and the jersey look fantastic. You will be the envy of Fletch fans everywhere strutting around in your very own Fletch jersey or wear it for Halloween and have a ball. Supplies are limited so grab one before they are gone. Size is XL and they are $175 each. And if you don't have the money, put it on Underhill.
e-mail me to purchase yours today!

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November 9, 2003 .----------------------------------------------------------------------

New Cut Scenes

Well I've done it again. I've found a few more scenes that were cut from Fletch. The new images do tell us a few things.... that the LA Kings Hockey scene is not a dream sequence....Fletch gets freaked out in his hotel room after seeing something (maybe on TV?)....Liddy checks out the engine...and the cops nearly get him at Fred Dorfman's Bash.   Enjoy....


Vance Lassey was kind enough send us this great sound bite from Fletch Lives.

Big Vacation News

I received an email a few weeks ago from "Techie M" who has some major news about  Eddie's Christmas Vacation and Vacation 5. Techie M worked on the film and let me know that along with the original Audrey (Dana Barron), they actually wanted Anthony Michael Hall to do it too. He wanted to, but couldn't because of contractual duties with "The Dead Zone" but he has agreed to reprise the role of Rusty for the next feature film. I believe early this year, they are doing the fifth "Vacation" movie, which they're currently ironing out details for. There are a couple of scripts, one involves Chevy and the gang going to Australia, another has them catch a wrong flight to busy Bangkok . Randy is already contracted to do it, as is Anthony Michael Hall, who will be reprising his role as Griswold's now grown-up son, Rusty. It should be really good. Both were on the set on separate occasions talking to writer Matt Simmons and of course, Quaid, who'll be a large part of the next movie. It's being set up at Warners.

A Very Fletch Halloween

"What can I do to you...for you?"

Well I'd been begging someone to do this for years and send us a picture. I guess I have to be a Fletch pioneer on all fronts. My girlfriend dragged me to a party on Halloween  night. Halloween and Dressing up isn't really my thing, but there was no doubt if I was going to be was going to be Fletch. I decided I'd be Beach Bum Fletch.  Finding the wig was incredibly hard. The wig I wound up using was one that was a "Beatles" wig. I combed and shaped it to look like Chevy's wig...I mean hair. Not to bad if I do say so my damn self. Let me know what you think.

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