February 27, 2001

Today I got a scoop from John saying that "Chevy is attached to four projects on inhollywood.com, Out of Order and Hitting the Wall, and two others, It Never Rains, from Blake Edwards, and Orange County, written by Chuck and Buck's Mike White, co-starring John Lithgow, Kevin Kline and others.

UPDATE - Our trusty Die-Hard Chevy fan Jack responded to the above news with this...
"I do remember a People Mag. thing about Chevy working on a Movie with Blake Edward's who of coarse
was the man behind the Pink Panther films, but anyways Chevy would be the star of it and may be CO-writing it as well."

February 23, 2001

Whew, big update in the Script Section (part 4). Fletch breaks into Swarthout's house for the Stanwyk deed.

Have a great weekend everyone.

February 22, 2001

Rumors about the following Kevin Smith Fletch movies are bouncing off the walls of the internet. Hurleyguy sends in speculation that Kevin has changed his mind and will make "Son of Fletch" instead of "Fletch Won." Son of Fletch would allow both Chevy to star as an older Fletch and Jason Lee to star as Fletch's son. Kevin spoke long ago about the idea of this but thought he should start from the beginning. Unfortunately, I don't see how Kev could even have an ounce of time to think about Fletch with "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" in full swing. However it leaves the opening for both Affleck and Lee to play Fletchers with Smith at the helm. Who knows...only time will tell. Post your thoughts in the MooooooonRiver Message Board.

Ben Matlock started a discussion group on Universal's website called 'Fletch Lives on DVD' hoping to open Universal's eyes. Check it out by going HERE

February 18, 2001

A short script addition has been added to the Script Section (page 3).

February 17, 2001

Hey everyone, there will be a new Script Update in the third section of the Script Section on SUNDAY when Igor Stravinski strikes again!

Also I just realized that the winner of my eBay auction for the Fletch Won Book on Tape was the guy who runs the Fletch Won UK site. He's finally starting to put his site in gear...but he took off the link banner to our site :( shame shame!

Wallace3535 realized that the covers of Mallrats and Vacation depict both Chevy Chase and Jason Lee in similar situations and poses (with a girl clinging to their leg). Just another similarity between the old and new Fletch. Nice find.

February 13, 2001

Well finally, after many attempts, I've gotten FLETCH WON into the IMDB.com data base. The information in it is blank but I have sent them some more info and they told me it will be updated February 20th. You can check it out HERE

Our good buddy David Shaw promised us pictures of Chevy, who was scheduled to talk at his college class. Unfortunately, this is what Dave had to say:

Well ,real disappointment for a long time fan, but Chevy has shown nothing but contempt for his audience once again (as if "Cops And Robbersons", "Vegas Vacation" and "Snow Day"- to cover only the last ten years- weren't enough). He was supposed to speak to my Humber College class last July, and didn't show. The make up date was Friday and again- he cancelled the morning of the engagement. Can't help but feel his attitude is less than exemplary towards the people who made him a star in the first place. By the way, like your Griswold site, but starting to see that the common sentiment that the man is a jerk is justified. Anyway, just thought I'd A) vent and B) let you know because I'd promised to send photos of the event.

I found a picture of Chevy from a signing he did in October. HERE is a nice shot of the top of his head

And last but not least, Joe Don Baker celebrated his 65th Birthday yesterday. Baker played Chief Karlin ('with a K?') in the original Fletch.

February 7, 2001

I updated the Fletch Script today ( a little early ). Update is in section 3...Fletch needs to go to Utah.

I put a Collector's Edition of FLETCH WON on eBay. Check it out HERE. Good luck. Here is a chance to get it at a great low price. It ends tomorrow FEB 8th at around 8PM EST.

I changed the look of the front page a little adding the blue column to right side. If it is distorted on your comp, please shoot me an email and I'll try to adjust it.

The DVD petition names are really piling up. We're gonna need at least 300 different email addys/names for each. So in the Fletch:SE we're half way there. The Fletch Lives one needs more so tell everyone you know to sign them both.

February 2, 2001

Hey everyone, not much to report except for a few things...

The new section of the script is up. The script is now into a third section. I was getting feedback that the Fletch midi was distracting while reading the script. So now it's optional. If you liked listening to the theme while reading, you can open it from the link at the top of each script page.

The NoNeverNever message board has been down do to the fact that one person was ruining it for everyone. I made a new board called the 'Moooooooon River Message Board.' Please, lets keep it clean and lets have some fun again. The board is up and ready for some serious Fletch talk! :)

Also I have been working on a new site. It is dedicated to the National Lampoon Vacations. Check it out...
Laker Jim's GRISWOLD WORLD!!!! It is very basic now, and I'm not sure when I'll have time to work on it, but soon it will be rolling. Let me know what you think.