Also Check out the NEW Laker Jim's Fletch Won Interviews when your done reading the News

July 30, 2000

Well, here is my whole hearted attempt to make a difference. On the top of the main page you can see a link to my petition to get Fletch: SE and Fletch Lives on DVD. We need all the signatures and e-mail address we can get. And please sign both in respect to the other Fletch fans who would want both. You can sign the petition by going here: DVD PETITION. I am going to try to contact universal today.

July 29, 2000

Hey everyone, I've finally finished a project I've been working on for a few days. I made a replica of the letter that Fletch gives to Stanwyk at the end of Fletch. Its pretty exact. I did my best to redo the letter even though it get only a split second of screen time. All the paragraphs are exact right down to Irwin's signature. It took many pauses of the DVD to make it as real as possible. Hope everyone likes it.You can check it out in the picture section or by clicking here: Letter to Boyd

July 25, 2000

I've added a new poll to the front page. 253 people voted last time thanks so much. Jason Lee ran away as the winner of the question "Who is vital to make Fletch Great." Chick Hearn got 3 votes(1%). Speaking of Chick, I posted a picture of me and him in the picture section. I was reading a scoop from Newsaskew and one guy at the San Diego Con asked Kevin if Jason Lee will play Fletch. He said Kevin just leaned back and "he whiped his face" The guy got nervous so he quickly asked him another question. He dosent think that meant no. He thinks Smith "just couldn't answer."

July 24, 2000

Well, I just got some great news from our new friend Jack. He is a huge Fletch and Chevy fan and just sent me an email with the answer to the question I had about "where is Mr. Underhill in Fletch Lives?" Heres what he had to say:

"Mister Underhill is in Fletch Lives...as is his Wife.  If you pay close attention to the Dream sequence(Zipyed do dah) you can notice in the background dancers you will see Mister Underhill and his wife dancing with tennis Rackets...very funny if you can catch it."

He is 100% right....only took me seconds to dart up the stairs and pop in the tape. And there was Mr. Underhill...Playing his tennis racket like a guitar. Great find Jack!!!!!

July 19, 2000

If anyone would like to join the Fletch Mailing List and receive updates when the site is updated, Please email me here and let me know you want to be added to the list. Also, I might be able to get Fletch Jerseys to sell, but I'm not sure how many people would be interested...if you are, please email me as well and let me know. I added a tribute to Phil hartman to the main page right under the message board link. And I added to more things to the Jason Lee page on ironic connections to Chevy and Fletch. Now, dont take them to seriously, they are just for fun.

July 17, 2000

Hey everyone....Added Pics of My Auto'd Chevy Basketball and Fletch Jersey to the "Chevy Chase Section." Hope you like them. Also added 4 new sounds that I found from Guido's Chevy Chase Shrine. The Alias one is awesome! I also found out recently that Chevy turned down the Lead role in American Beauty that later went to Kevin Spacey. Chevy's reason..."I like doing family movies" ...Chevy, I stick up for ya all the time, but pal, you blew that one!

July 15, 2000

NEW UPDATE 4:18 PM: I just made a Fletch Starting Line Up. Imagine if they made those. Imagine a ton of Fletch Figures? Kevin...get on this...Well, go to the picture section to check out what i think one would look like If they did make one. Let me know what you think :)

Ok Fletch Fans, I have a mission for ya. I was searching IMDB.com for Fletch stuff and I noticed something strange. William Traylor, who plays "Mr. Underhill" in the first Fletch is also credited as being in Fletch Lives as Mr. Underhill himself. No I just rewatched the movie. There is a mention of Underhill and his credit card, but I couldn't find him in the movie. Of course stupid me forgot to check the end credits of Fletch Lives to see if it was a mistake by IMDB's Fletch Live page . Or if anyone can find Underhill in the movie...email me and let me know and I'll post your name here with the answer.

July 14, 2000

Hey everyone...the page is really in gear as we got almost 900 hits in its first day. The success of the page is mainly due to the mention is got on the NewsAskew Website. I screwed up yesterday though. I didn't realize NewsAskew was a separate site from Kevin Smith Official site. I think they were pissed that I didn't add a link to them...but I send an apology and hopefully they'll understand..they seem really cool. I hope to get some pictures in the pic section by the end of the weekend. And thanks to everyone who took part in the poll on the main page. Fletch Forever!!!!

PS- I'm reading "Fletch Won" now. I'm not that big a reader, but its going well, I'm on page 10. I read when I'm in the can.

July 13, 2000

I updated the sound section and put a few goodies in there. I will be getting more soon hopefully.

July 12, 2000

Welcome everyone....This is where you need to go to find out what has been updated on the page. Please bookmark the site because I will be updating it almost every day. Well, I'm sure everyone knows by now but Kevin Smith has bought the rights to make the news Fletch films based on the books by Gregory Macdonald. He plans on Making Fletch Won first. Then more. However, Fletch will have to wait awhile because Smith is currently making a film now. He said Fletch filming should start in the Spring and be in Theatres by 2001. The role of Fletch will be played by either Jason Lee or Ben Aflek. All the cool people in the View Askew Message Board want Jason Lee and so do I. Kevin wants Chevy to be involved doing voiceovers during scene changed (like a narrator) as he did in Fletch and Fletch Lives. More when I get it. Heres an article from The View Askew Website all about it --- Miramax and Kevin Smith Fetch 'Fletch' for Franchise