June 29, 2001

There is a new Update today for the Fletch Lives Script. Check it out in Section 2. Fletch gets some good news.

Rusty sent in a SNL article he found in The Daily Breeze On-line paper, Torrance, CA. It kinda rips Chevy as one of the flops of the SNL big screen actors. Check it out here.

Also, I don't know how many of you bought or saw the Dogma:SE DVD, but if you watch it with commentary, Jason lee says something cool. In the scene right before they meet in the toy store...Lee's character says "Ya see kids...". On the commentary, Jason says "That's my tribute to Chevy Chase there. 'Ya see kids...' That's my Chevy Chase."

Kinda funny....and incorrect...but Hollywood.com's entry for Fletch Won already has a running time of 88 minutes. Not bad for a film that Kevin hasn't even scripted yet.

June 27, 2001

In a Hollywood.com poll, Chevy Chase came in third when fans were asked "Who is your favorite All-Time SNL cast member?" He came in third to John Belushi (1st) and Eddie Murphy (2nd). They have a nice little article about it called "Chevy Chase, We Love You!"

Many people who I've talked to vie e-mail and Message board, claim to have never seen the SNL Chevy hosted where he is dressed like Braveheart. It is on today at 1:00 PM on Comedy Central. The musical guest is Lisa Loeb.

Fletch is on TNT tonight too, at 2:30 AM EST. Other than that, News has been dead and pretty hard to come by lately. I'm gonna do my best to have another section of the Fletch Lives script typed up by Friday. And promise to start working more on the game as well. The site has passed 20,000 hits ( a nice little milestone ). I just wanna thank all the Fletch fans out there who enjoy and visit the site. I promise to continue to crank out top notch Fletch stuff.

June 21, 2001

There is a new Script Update for Fletch Lives. Check it out...Gillet stops by Fletch's place for a visit and to collect some $.

Also, I am very excited about this one. I was able to interview Paul Myerberg, who was the Lead set dresser on the first Fletch movie. Check out Laker Jim's Fletch Interviews...scroll down. Also Paul has an auction on eBay for a prop from the movie. Its a Laker shirt from Fletch's office.Check it out with the interview...It's a really good read. Enjoy.

June 19, 2001

Good news on the Fletch Won front. Barnaby, on the Message Board, broke the scoop that Miramax Films Corp. has purchased the domain name www.fletchwonthemovie.com ! Thats great news as far as progress goes.

A scooper at Aint-it-cool-news attended the Florida Film Fest with Jason Lee. 'When asked about the current situation with Fletch, he said it was all a matter of when Miramax would greenlight it, and that if and when they do Kevin Smith will direct and he(Lee) will star.'

June 12, 2001

During half time of the Lakers/Sixers NBA Finals game 1, NBC aired a special basketball weakest link. In Fletch fashion, when Bob Costas introduced himself, he said "Hello. I'm Bob. And I'm a shepherd." Thought that was pretty cool. Go Lakers!

I was reading a MAD Magazine in the bathroom at work and I began to wonder if Chevy was ever spoofed in the mag. Well Scott, over at The Mad Store...Your Online Humor Source, sent me a complimentary copy of the only issue Chevy was ever drawn in. Click here to see more of the page. Go to the MAD Store...it has an awesome collection of old MAD magazines, National Lampoon's, Rolling Stones and other great Magazines for sale.Thanks Scott.

If you watch the "Summer" commercial for all the stuff coming up on Comedy Central, you'll see one part of the "Glick" (Martin Short) sequence shows him interviewing Chevy.

Jake has some cool news in the MooooonRiver Message Board with quotes from Kevin Smith talking about Fletch Won. Check out his post here.

June 7, 2001

The other day Kevin Smith did some promoting of his new movie 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.' While on radio station DC101.1, Kevin confirmed that Fletch will definitely be the next project he directs (pending he can get Jason Lee as Fletch). That shouldn't be a problem as Jason has already said he considers it his 'way to pay tribute to Chevy Chase.'

Lot of new stuff on the site today. Today I've put up the first section of the 1989 Fletch Lives Script. In it, there is much more of the Kakakis bothers in the beginning...as well as a couple of nice added lines.

Also, many of you know I am working on a Fletch Video Game. I have a few fun pics up as well as a screen shot of one of the levels. Like it? Let me know...talk about it here.

I forgot to mention that the film Chevy is working on with the STOMP creators is called "Vacuums."

June 1, 2001

J.Foley let me know that Chevy Chase is currently working on the Feature film debut of STOMP creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. The filming location is Romania and it centers around a private investigator who falls for a factory worker. Rose McGowan is also committed and apparently began production on May 17th.

As you may have read in the MooooonRiver Message Board, I have a few new ideas for the site. One being a Fletch video game. From the people I talk to, they tell me this is very time consuming. But we're gonna try to do it. For now I am making some screen shots and game concepts that I hope to show everyone soon. The other idea is for a "FLETCH: Where are they now?" section. That section is up for now with a few people on. I will be updating it soon with more.

The April News has been filed in the Records Room (located at the top/right side of this page)