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August 13, 2002 .----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey Fletch fans. Not much going on in the world of Fletch, except for the few tidbits I have for you today of course.

Our good friend Jake (who happens to be good friends with Gregory McDonald) has been kind enough to provide us with a "Gregory McDonald Weekly Q & A." Jake has a new question up in out message board now. So far these are the questions with Fletch creator McDonald filling in the answer...below are the questions with links to their topic on the Message Board so you can reply to them.

Week One: Could you explain some of the research you did when writing the Fletch books?
Week Two:
How much input did you have with the movie version of Fletch?

I've recently spiced up the MoooonRiver Message Board a but with User Levels. The more you post, the higher your User rating is. Wanna brag about your interest and knowledge of Fletch...well, let your User Rating speak for itself. You can find your "Fletch User Rating" between your Board ID and your number of postings (on your most recent post.).

Friday, August 16th, Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley's new movie "Serving Sara" opens. The "fish-out-of-water romantic comedy" script was written, then tweaked even more during rehearsals. ''I wanted it to have a ''Midnight Run'' feel to it,'' says Perry, who in fact, screened some of that movie for the filmmakers. ''It also has a little bit of ''Fletch.'' And [I'd offer] other ideas that came out of my freakish little brain.''

I always say...A little bit of Fletch never hurt anyone...

CHEVY CHASE SIGNING UPDATE - Chevy is currently vacationing with his family in Italy. We will know an exact date when he returns later this week. Its still not too late to ge tme your autograph order... go HERE

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August 9, 2002 .------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lakers' Voice...Silenced Forever

It's been a very difficult week for me. The news of Chick Hearn's passing Monday has been heartbreaking for fans of Chick everywhere. It's been tough for me to put into words what Chick has meant to me. I have been extremely fortunate to have met and spoken with Chick many times. Those are moments I will remember forever. He always took the time to talk, take pictures, sign autographs with anyone who asked.
His record of 3,338 consecutive games (36 strait years) will never be broken. He was simply the greatest sports announcer that has ever lived. How fitting that he also be part of the greatest comedies ever...Fletch. I have added
my tribute to Chick to the site's frontpage and dedicated fletchwon.net to him as well. His rapid fire "words eye view" laced with Chick-isms was the result of an artist who was a truly a master of his craft. I just finished watching his emotional funeral on FoxSportsNet West this morning. The overwhelming coverage of Chick's death has been tremendous and truly deserved. He was an incredible man who was loved all over the world. What I'll always remember about Chick was he always made me feel like I was important to talk to. And now...The voice of the Lakers has been silenced... But Chick Hearn, will never...ever...be forgotten.

FoxSports Net West (channel 652 for direct TV viewers) will air a tribute to Chick Hearn tonight at 10:00 EST

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August 2, 2002 .------------------------------------------------------------------------
Private Signing with Chevy Chase Update... Even though the PRESALE date is over, you can still place orders for the Fletch signing in August. We should hear soon from Chevy's people exactly when the signing will take place. Surprisingly, the post-presale prices are only a few bucks more. Still a GREAT deal for anyone who wants something. Please email me any orders or questions ASAP.

I would like to say a special thanks to the following websites for supporting the signing and putting my banner on their site...
Fletch UK: As Far As You Know
Chevy Chase Central
Dan's Chevy Chase Fan Page

Back to some tidbits...

I was able to get my hands on a rare German Fletch Lives film card. On one side of the 4"x6" item is an image of what the German poster look like. The reverse side has information about the film. These cards are unique because a collector can see that the German poster often differs from its American counterpart.

Rodney Conley emailed me a great drawing of an older Fletch that I've added to the Draw Fletch section. Check it out. Rodney has also promised to draw a few more for us as well. Fletch fans, Make sure to send in your drawings (good or bad...bad one are always better anyway )

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July 14, 2002 .--------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have a lot of fun stuff for you guys today. If you haven't checked out and contacted me yet...I have five words for you... Private Signing with Chevy Chase. SuperStar Greetings has given this site exclusive discounted prices on a signing they will have in August. I will be attending the signing to witness all the items being signed. So if you'd like something signed by Chevy Chase click HERE for all the info. You can either get something they offer signed or have something out yours signed. This might be the last time Chevy ever does a signing. Email me with any questions you may have. I STILL can't believe we got these prices for memorabilia that will be the center piece of your home for a long long time. DEADLINE IS JULY 31st

I made this new wallpaper by request of Peter LemonJello. Hope everyone likes it. I have it set on my comp and its quite refreshing to load up the computer and see Claude Henry Smoot staring right back at ya.You can find it and other wallpapers in the
Download Section

If you would like to make a wallpaper, send it in, I'll put it up on the site. Wallpapers are best if you make the size 600x800 pixels or 11.1x8.3 inches.

Jthrush emailed me to let me know that when Poon refers to"that pederast Hanrahan" he is more than likely referring to Michael Hanrahan who is a particularly sleazy character in the book "Fletch and the Man Who"

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July 9, 2002 .---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Today 2 new Fletch books hit the shelves....Fletch Won and Fletch and the Widow Bradley that can be purchased through Amazon.com at the links above or at book stores. Amazon has them listed at under $10 with book stores listing the books at $12 each. However, with shipping it's about the same.

Whoops! Sniper15456 found a goof in Fletch. When Fletch is asking Larry to check up on some background info he spells Stanwyk...emphasizing the "W-Y-K". However when the airline computer is showing info on Alan, the spelling or mis-spelling is "STANWYCK."

WANT TO HELP OUT THIS SITE? Not only bidding, but also signing up for an ebay account can earn this site money. If you don't have an ebay account, and even if you do, go through my link and sign up for a new one. You never have to use it past this point, but doing so will earn the site $5.00. What you have to do is click on my link, click on "sign in" at the top, then click on "Register Now". Fill out the registration. After you get a conformation email, click on the link to activate your account. Then, when you bid on your first item using that new name, we'll get $5.00. And you never have to use that account again if you don't want to. This would be a good way to give back to a few minutes of your time to the site that's brought you 2 free years of Fletch goodness.

J.D. Lafrance was kind enough to write up an retrospective on Fletch and send it in. You can read it by going to the Movies Section or by clicking HERE

A Ben Affleck/Fletch connection has been brought to my attention. And it might not be coincidence. In 'Chasing Amy' when Ben and Joey Lauren Adams are playing skee ball, she throws the ball out of control off camera. Affleck reacts, "Sorry Sir!" and waives just like Fletch (when teaching Gail to hit the tennis ball). Turns out Affleck is a HUGE Fletch fan. Found an article that had a little about it: "Ben Affleck, for example, is also a huge Fletch fan, not least the scene where Chase, having been irritated by the waiter-haranguing antics of a certain Mr. Underhill, charges a lavish dinner to his account." Check out the full article and more quotes from Ben here and let me know what you think in the message board.
June 29, 2002 .--------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have a lot of news bits for you fans today. Well finally, the new message board is starting to pick up. And actually a topic started by Bandit (About Kevin's current enthusiasm for the project) inspired me to email Kevin Smith to soothe our worries. In true Kevin form, within an hour, the reply came...  
With Kevin doing his share of stalling on Fletch Won...fans have become a bit antsy and uncertain. So I asked him strait out...and got some VERY reassuring and exciting answers...

Laker Jim: Are you still as interested in doing Fletch as you first were?
Kevin Smith: As long as Jason Lee is playing Fletch, then yes.

Laker Jim: LOL, Are you waiting for Chevy to Die to avoid any controversy?
Kevin Smith: No - we'll need Chevy for the flick.

Laker Jim: If Fletch Won is indeed two years away, will Jason's age impact playing a young Fletch on his first case? (He'd be 34). Chevy was 40 when he made Fletch in '85.
Kevin Smith: Yeah, but Lee still looks like a kid.

Laker Jim: Did you ever wear that Jane Doe shirt you wanted that I gave you?
Kevin Smith: Not publicly.  Not yet.

Laker Jim: At what point would you ever pass it off to another director?
Kevin Smith: If Miramax says no to Lee starring.

Kevin ended by saying that he loves the new look of the page. Which was cool of him. So there we have it. Some GREAT news regarding Chevy. Who would have thought that a question I asked as a joke would trigger an answer that rejuvenates our anticipation for the film. Talk about it on the MoooonRiver message board

I have also added a link to Fletch Stuff on ebay. You can find that link on the top of this news page. If you go to ebay via this link, then search anything on ebay, and bid on something, this site receives 5 cents for your first bid only. From my own bids I've tallied 75 cents! Waaahhhoooo!!!

Unfortunately Fletch fans, the server and site that was hosting our DVD petitions shut down and the sigs and names were lost. I have opened an official petition. I have made the petition for both FLETCH:SE and FLETCH LIVES on DVD. SO if you leave comments, PLEASE do your Fletch fans a favor and mention that you want BOTH MOVIES I apologize if you signed both before and now have to sign it again....but this is the real deal and will be sent to Universal. We have to get as many sigs, and FULL NAMES, and email addresses as possible so we can really WOW THEM. When you sign it, don't make your email address public. Make it "Available to Author only" that way only I have it and you cant get hit with spam. Lets do this Fletch fans....lets make this happen....CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITIONS!

And finally, Sniper15456 sent in a great Dr. Fletch drawing for us. You can find it in the Draw Fletch Section. Thanks Sniper, and anyone else who would like to send a drawing in, email me at lakerjim@comcast.net

June 17, 2002 .--------------------------------------------------------------------------
Can't believe it's been so long since the last update. Sorry about that. Not much Fletch related stuff has been stirring.

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I was lucky enough to have found a Fletch Lives promotional item on eBay. These were given out to promote Fletch Lives back in 1989. Its a cool velcro wallet that says Fletch Lives on the outside and contains a few Fletch IDs inside of his various disguises. I have hopes to make the IDs into wallpaper that you'll soon be able to display on your desktop.

I have completed the second book of my Fletch Books section. The Book is "Confess, Fletch." I did my best to come up with a few illustrations to go with the fun facts. Check it out by Clicking HERE.

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