March 30, 2001

Today I made another new Fletch wallpaper. This one is a Fletch in Laker Uniform one. From his alias IDs I'm pretty sure his name is Magic Christian. Click on it here or find it in the new Download section with the other Fletch Wallpaper.

There is a Script Update today (section 6) as well. I don't know if anyone picked up on it, but there is no "G. Gordon Liddy Plane scene" in the script. In the movie, the scene appears right before he goes to see Mrs. Stanwyk in cabana one.That must have been winged by Chevy or the writers during production. In this update, Fletch is on the run from the cops...this time in his car.

Also, Jake broke the scoop on the MooooooonRiver Message Board that Chevy is taping an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Should air just in time for May sweeps.

March 27, 2001

Today I made a new "G. Gordon Liddy" Fletch Wallpaper. Click on it here or find it in the new Download section with the other Fletch Wallpaper.

Also today is a special Script Update...Fletch finishes up with Gail (and Underhill) located in new Section 6.

Also, I don't know if anyone has seen it, but TNT's run of new commercials added a Fletch one to the bunch. The scene with Fletch asking to borrow Mrs. Stanwyk's towel is shown and just as he says "Water Buffalo" It fades to white and says "It's a guy thing." Speaking of TNT...Fletch will be on Tues Night/Weds Morn @ 2:00AM incase you can't sleep.

March 23, 2001

Right off the bat, I wanna thank Brad and Chris over at NewsAskew. They were kind enough to post the info about this site's happenings and as soon as they did, the hits started flowing. Thanks guys for all you've done.

Second, there is a new script UPDATE. The new section of the script (section 5) This is part 2 of the Fletch and Gail Stanwyk lunch. This scene of the script is huge so it may or may not be completed next update (next Fri). However, it's got some cool Fletch singing that was cut from the film.

Over at the Official Unofficial Fletch Page, Erik actually was clever enough to look up what Fletch asks for when in the records room. Find out what exactly Fletch is asking for in his "Even More Fletch" section. Really cool. Ironically, in the same section, there is a "same build" part that relates to the script update!

And Finally, this'll make or break your weekend...Chevy's bad wigs over his career have just been plain horrible. How bald is Chevy you might be wondering? (Warning if you wanna remember the old full of hair Chevy, don't look). My job is to post info. I love Chevy...possibly my favorite actor...How bald? Click HERE(1997)... Click HERE to see his hair now

Have a great weekend everyone!

March 20, 2001

This site has had a rocky week. First, we were thrown off of tripod for violating terms of service. We were not told what we violated, so I wrote tripod a note saying there was a mistake. Figuring I would never hear from them, I moved the site to Geocities. I started to change everything (links, search listings...) last night. Today I get a letter from tripod saying the site was removed accidentally and now is back up. So here is the plan for the future...

I know all you people have to be pissed that you have had to update you bookmarks for this site multiple times, as I would be. I would advise people to use the tripod site http://fletchwon.tripod.com . It is very fast as far as uploading. I will keep the Geocities site up as well. Just incase anything happens to tripod site, the Geocities site- http://geocities.com/fletchwon2002 , will be the back up so nobody will miss a thing. For the millionth time, I truly apologize to all you DIE HARD Fletch fans. All I want is to bring you the best Fletch site on the net. And with the help of everyone, we're on our way!

See you all Friday with a big update.

March 16, 2001

There is a new Script Update (in NEW section 5)...Fletch orders some lunch on Underhill.

I found a site called Character Actors: Faces You Can't Forget. This site has a few gems in it including pages for Burton "Bud" Gilliam and Fletch Lives KKK Leader Geoffrey Lewis ...Check out the other actors listed for Fletch and Fletch Lives

DID YOU KNOW that Fletch & Fletch Lives Producer Peter Douglas is the son of Kirk Douglas and brother to Michael Douglas. Thanks Jack

Thomas Knowland found a great similarity between Chevy Chase and Jason Lee. In Fletch, Chevy says he felt "like a hundred dollars." In Kissing a Fool, Jason says he feels "like ten bucks." Nice find. I'll add it to the Jason Lee section as well.

March 13, 2001

After almost months of Fletch silence, talk on the movie has popped up again. This time coming right from Jason Lee. An Interview from DVDfile.com with Jason has just hit the net. In it Jason says that "if Miramax allows me to play Fletch then Kevin will do it. But if not, then we're going to wait." He later states " I'd love to do it. It's the younger Fletch from Fletch Won. It'd be so much fun, my little tribute to Chevy Chase and redoing the sort of 80s Fletch thing." It's nice to see that Lee wants to pay tribute not only to Fletch, but also to Chevy. At least, Chevy has gotta appreciate that. It's also great to see that the idea is still exciting in Jason Lee's eyes.

March 9, 2001

There is a new section of the Fletch Script up today (Section 4). Fletch really hates Tommy Lasorda!

March 4, 2001

Well from bad news comes good news. I got an email on Friday from Homepage.com. They said that they were shutting down at the end of the month. Luckily, I was able to find Tripod.com which is 100 times better that Homepage. As you'll notice, the loading of pages is MUCH quicker. My only regret is the inconvenience of all the faithfuls of the site that'll have to UPDATE THEIR BOOKMARKS for the main page. So from now on I gotta try to find every site with a link on it and have it corrected. Again, sorry bout all this. But I do think it'll be for the best. The old address will be no more at the end of March.

March 1, 2001

There is an update in the Script Section (part 4). Fletch gets a visit from some cops. And find out the Chief's original name.

I just found out that the bar that Ed Harley goes to in Fletch Lives, is the exact same bar where Pee Wee
Herman does the Tequila dance in Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985). Thanks to our main man Jack!

The results of the Last poll were actually dead on. The topic was Do you think Jason Lee will do "as good" a job as Chevy did? Either people thought No way (36%)or No Doubt(36%). They were both followed by 'Very Possible (18%),' which I though would have taken the cake. Check out the new poll above and then sign BOTH the petitions Here

Do you think Jason Lee will do "as good" a job as Chevy did?
No, Never Never  (35)

Small Chance  (9)

Very Possible  (18)

No Doubt  (35)


I also archived the news for January and December. You can find links to them at the bottom of the page as well. I'll keep February fresh for awhile for people that are just finding the site. :) Have a GREAT Weekend everyone!!