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December 31, 2002 .------------------------------------------------------------------

Maybe our signatures mean
something after all

Making A Difference

Finally our hard work is paying off all over the place. After 2+ years of having the petition up, I was contacted by Universal Studios the other day to let me know that they are aware of my DVD petition and they are forwarding it to the proper dept
at Universal Studios.

So get over there and sign it if you haven't already
Fletch:SE & Fletch Lives DVD Petition

I hope everyone has a very Fun, Safe, and Happy New Years tonight. This is going to be a very exciting year in the world of Fletch and I need everyone around to enjoy it!

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December 10, 2002 .--------------------------------------------------------------

Three words...


Possibly the greatest download of my life took place yesterday. And it may have just saved our message board. The Pop-Up ads on the MoooonRiver message board were getting out of control. I didn't know where to turn until long time contributor Kurt posted a link to the Pop-Up Stopper. After downloading this beauty, you NEVER GET A POP UP AD AGAIN...ANYWHERE! Its amazing! And...IT'S FREE! Everyone, even if you never post or look at the board, download this....it's a life saver. The download and installation take all of 1 minute. During installation, you get to pick a sound to play when it blocks a pop-up. Mine sounds like a little gun shot (its the first one) and the feeling of pride every time the Pop-Up Stopper "shoots down" an annoying ad is indescribable. :) http://www.panicware.com/product_pshelp.html

Don't forget that after you download the Pop-Up Stopper, head over to the message board, if no pop ups appear...it worked! Don't forget to post too! You don't have register to post. You can just type in a username and skip the password part.

I have a Chevy Chase signed Authentic Jersey on ebay right now. Only a few more remain so don't miss out. This is a chance to get a great deal on one.

Also Check out the Christmas Savings on our Chevy Chase Memorabilia. Save $5 on top of our regular great prices!

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December 3, 2002 .-------------------------------------------------------------------

The picture of Chevy accepting
the Acadeny Award for American Beauty (Best Actor) would have looked something like this


Well the heavily cut down Friars Club Roast aired on Sunday and will re-run probably all month. I'm not sure if Comedy Central should be commended or ripped apart. They did an unbelievable job making an extremely nasty and hate filled roast seem not so bad. In a way, I'm happy they chose Chevy. Regardless of whether it was good or bad, he got exposure from the channel. Fletch was mentioned twice during the weekend. One was by Richard Belzer who said "Chevy used to masturbate a lot and one time his father walked in and caught him. He said 'Chevy, if you keep this up, one day you'll star in the movie Fletch Lives.'" Another cool thing is we heard Chevy curse for the first time in a looong time ("Normally this is the time where you can get back at rest of the comedians...but there fucking aren't any")

If you missed it or just want to see it again, it will be re-run...

Fri Dec 6 11:30 PM Comedy Central
Sat Dec 7 02:00 AM Comedy Central
Tue Dec 24 01:00AM Comedy Central
Tue Dec 24 11:00PM Comedy Central


Maybe the Roast jumpstarted something...Chevy is currently busy filming a few new movies. He has one called Rent-A-Husband (with Brooke Sheilds). A Family film that I reported about last update called The Great Goose Caper. And now Leigh from www.hanlonvision.com let me know that he is filming on Chicago Northwest Side a movie called "Bad Meat." It takes place in and around a meatpacking plant.

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November 20, 2002 .-------------------------------------------------------------------
The Roast is Coming...

If you haven't seen at least 10 different commercials on Comedy Central for Chevy Roast your must be watching cheese or snow. They air about every 2.4 seconds. Comedy Central is really doing a great job promoting it.

It will premiere December 1st. Should be interesting. Click on the picture of the Roastee to the left to read an article from DirecTv magazine.

A New Flick

Chevy is currently busy filming a few things. One I've found a little info on, thanks to our good buddy David Shaw...

"Chevy Chase begins filming today in Calgary on the $7.5-million family film, co-produced by locally-based Voice Pictures Inc., Les Productions Colin Neale Inc. and Studio Eight Productions out of the U.K. "He's a real sweetie," says producer Wendy Hill-Tout of Chase. The actor joins a cast that includes legendary British actress Joan Plowright, James Purefoy (Resident Evil) and Kari Matchett (Men With Brooms). "(The cast) is great," Hill-Tout says. "They're really delightful people and everyone likes the script and the project. It's wonderful to go into the film with that spirit."In the movie, a boy (Max Mortow) must save a talking goose from being cooked by his school principal (Chase) as part of a competition at the Banff Springs Hotel. The production, set to film in Calgary and Banff, wraps Dec. 15."

Chevy recently informed me that he'd get in touch with me when he got back from shooting in Calgary. I haven't sent him the interview questions yet. Keep sending them in. And lets all hit the message board like we used to...its been pretty dead of late...Post your questions in either of the 2 open Chevy Interview topics

Workin' on Fletch

I received a very nice email from Cheryl Burton who was an assistant to Producer Alan Greisman on the '85 Fletch as well as the '89 sequel. I've posted it on the Message board. Please read it and post reply....I'd love to hear what you think and if you have a questions, I'll find out if she can hop on here and answer some.

Also David Osbourn sent us a really great "charcoal" drawing of Chevy he did. You can check it out in the Draw Fletch Section.

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