OLD NOVember

November 29, 2000

Added 2 new pics I drew of Fletch Cartoons. One is an old one I drew of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and one I did today of Frank. Check the Draw Fletch section and please send some in, once it gets going its gonna be a blast to look at.

November 28, 2000

Well our "Draw Fletch" section is already underway. Peter Lemonjello, from the NoNeverNever Message Board, sent in his drawing of Chevy from the cover.

Chick Hearn, the voice of the Lakers and Fletch, had a Birthday yesterday (Nov 27). It is unknown exactly how old Chick is (because he is ageless) by I believe he is 85. Happy Birthday Chick! "He (Chick) truly defines grace under pressure!"

Speaking of the message board, our good pal Jared had knee surgery today. Keep 'em in your prayers for a speedy recovery. He promised to send us a few Fletch drawings while he'd laid up in bed.

November 27, 2000

Imagine if there was a Fletch Cartoon out there? Man, that would be great..or even a Fletch comic. Well now here's your chance to show off your artistic skills by drawing what Fletch would look like in the cartoon or comic. Even if you cant draw, send one in anyway. It'll be lots of fun to look at them all. Most of the time, the worst drawn ones are the best! I started a new section where they will be posted. Or even if you can't draw Chevy...Draw Frank, or Larry, or Fat Sam. Anyone would be good. I did the best I could (Chevy is hard to draw). But Check it out and I can't wait to see some of the entries. Maybe when they are all in we can vote and give out a prize. The link will be on the main page and you cant go to it by clicking here: FLETCH CARTOON

Also for people still having trouble with the page, I apologize. Homepage is really slow for some reason. I've noticed clicking refresh eventually loads up the page when getting an error.

November 25, 2000

Sorry for anyone who was trying to access my page for the last day or two. Homepage has been down so the server is still a little slow. I combined today's news with yesterdays because most of you probably could not get onto the site last night.

The new section of the 1984 Fletch Script is up. It's the whole "Jelly Finger" scene.

I have finally put together a Laker Jim's Fletch Won Link Banner. If anyone would like to link to my site, please use the banner below by saving the image and then linking it to our frontpage.

I added my reproduction of the letter that Fletch was going to send out to Boyd had he been killed. It is on the top of this page. I did my best to make it as exact as I could. Hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

November 22, 2000

Fletch news has been a little slow since the Jay Mohr stuff. I was honored that this site was mentioned on Dark Horizons. That's a site I visit daily for movie news and even though they got the scoop slightly wrong...it is still nice to know that they check out this site for Fletch news. Future star of Fletch Won (maybe) Jay Mohr will be at Rascals Comedy Club in West Orange NJ from November 24-26. I'm gonna try to go and ask him about Fletch Won. If anyone else is attending...please do the same and email me his response.

A new Fletch site has opened up. I've talked to the webmaster Ed and he's a really nice guy. He wants to give everyone a view of Fletch from A UK point of view. He is currently putting it together, but check out Ed's Fletch Won UK site. Hope Everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eat tons of turkey and then take a long winters nap! :)

November 17, 2000

Big Update today...lots of news and fun stuff.

His Christopher Walken impersonation
(courtesy of the Ultimate Jay Mohr Site)

Our good buddy Jared has contacted me to inform us that Kevin was recently on a radio show and mentioned Fletch Won. They talked about comedian Jay Mohr. Both he and Producer Scott Mosier are big fans of Mohr. They said that he is "perfect" for a role in Fletch Won. So far that's two "perfects" as far as casting is concerned (Lee and Mohr). Mohr will play opposite Jason Lee.

Question is...What role? The two roles available are for Biff Wilson and Alston Chambers. Biff is more of an older, cocky crime reporter who gets all the major stories.

I think the role of Alston is the one for Mohr. Alston is Fletch' good friend who he consults and has lunch with a few times in the book. Kev's right, Jay Mohr would be perfect for this role.

You may recognize Jay Mohr from the movie Mafia!, Picture Perfect, Jerry Maguire, Suiside Kings, Go, or SNL playing characters as one of the "Steroid" guys, Christopher Walken, and more.

Second, the new section of the Fletch 1984 script it up. Check it out HERE!!!!

Also Jack has checked in once again to let inform us that National Lampoon has put out a website. Lots of great Chevy Stuff. Check out National Lampoon Dotcom. Lets get the conversation going on the message board. What do you think of Jay Mohr? Let everyone know. Fletch Won is starting to roll...hopefully it won't stop. Enjoy everything and have a great WEEKEND!

November 16, 2000

Even more Chevy news from Jack...The guy who did "Strange Brew" (Dave Thomas) was interviewed by the Toronto Sun...

"The upshot is that Thomas has to come up with more than US$700,000 one way
or another to cover debts. He hopes to make it up with a movie he's written
and plans to direct, starring the suddenly rediscovered Chevy Chase."

I found out that Production on Tom Davis' "Hitting the Wall" should begin in April. So we should know if Chevy's involved soon. That'd be a nice comeback for Chevy. If he did Fletch Won, Hitting the Wall, and the movie above, it might jump start his career again.

Don't forget to check out the script update Tomorrow (Friday)...but like always, the update should be up after midnight.

November 15, 2000

Little Chevy Update here...I reported a few months ago that Chevy's next project would be a movie called "Hitting the Wall." Its a movie by Tom Davis who wrote for SNL. Jack, a big Chevy fan, emailed me with info about the movie. I began to look up Davis and found the Official Website for the movie. On it there is no mention of Chevy being in it, or even considered. However, on an IMDB submission that Tom Davis submitted himself, it lists Chevy as playing himself in the movie. Who knows. Davis swears this is gonna be a really funny movie. To find out more...go to the site.

Also, the Poll above got all screwed up, so if you want your vote to count, please vote again...sorry.

November 14, 2000

The Fletch news has been slow after the announcement that Kevin would definitely want Jason Lee as our hero...Fletch. Found this great picture of him over at NewsAskew, and turned it into a Fletch picture (with their permission of course). I keep telling you...the more you look, the more similar they are!

For everyone who is new to the site, and hasn't sign both petitions to get Fletch: SE and Fletch Lives on DVD...sign them BOTH here!

I also found out that the actor, Bill Henderson, who played Sammy in the first Fletch ("you're not gonna sing for us are ya Sammy?") is also the same actor who played the Cop in the movie Clue. Next time it's on check him out.

November 10, 2000

Well the latest section of the 1984 Fletch Script is up. You'll find allot of changes in this one...Including a mistake where Stanwyk calls Fletch "Mr. Fletcher" when he couldn't possibly know him as anything but Ted Nugent. Its driving me crazy cause he makes the mistake 3 times in a row. Look for another script addition next Friday.

Got another note that Kevin was quoted as using the term "Perfect" when referring to Jason Lee as Fletch.

November 9, 2000

Today I received an e-mail from Tommy to let me know that Fletch Won was mentioned over at Dark Horizons. He also let me know that Kevin Smith did another college appearance at Emporia State University, Kansas. There he mentioned the story of the original "Fletch 3" project. Now the scooper from DH didn't go into the story...From what I remember of it this is how it went...

The studio, I think Universal, asked Kevin what he wanted to do next (this was about 3 or so years ago). He said He'd like to do Fletch 3. They asked him who he wanted to play Fletch? He was shocked that they'd even ask and he said "You can;t do a Fletch without Chevy Chase." They said "Well we're not in the Chevy Chase business anymore." Kevin kept fighting and eventually got them to ok Chevy. Kevin then had lunch with Chevy. He was a HUGE fan of his up to this point. At the lunch, Chevy basically took credit for everything funny in the world. If you've ever met Chevy, you'd know how cocky he is. So they talked about it and I think they came up with the idea that they would bring Fletch to NY. Chevy still wanted to keep it in LA. So then Kevin began work on Dogma. With all the controversy it caused, Kevin got tied up and the Fletch 3 idea got shelved. Kevin never called Chevy to tell him it was dead and Chevy got all pissed off that he could have been writing a Fletch script with someone else. He called Kevin a typical Hollywood director (which couldn't be farther from the truth) and there has been bad blood ever since. I think that's how it went. if not, then I'm pretty close.

Throughout all of the in the media digs Chevy gave him, he's still considering putting him in the movie. Maybe as an older Fletch telling a story of his first big case and as a narrative voiceover between scenes.

Don't forget tomorrow is another big SCRIPT UPDATE. Should be up around midnight tonight.

November 7, 2000

Sorry there haven't been any updated in a few days but Fletch news has been dead. The script page has been getting allot of hits so I take it people are liking it. Its gets allot better this Friday with the new script update. I know you can't wait.

The results from the last poll are in. This one was not as popular as I thought it was gonna be. Only 40 people voted for "Who is the Hottest Fletch Girl?" Gail Stanwyk won it hands down with 57% of the vote. Gail is apparently still appearing in the dreams of Fletch fans out there ;) For awhile Becky Culpepper was running close but then trailed off. She would up with 8 votes (20%). To finish out...Larry ended with 5 votes (12%) and Amanda Ray Ross with 4 votes (10%). Although if the poll were for how they looked today...I think Larry would win it hands down. It seems she's the only one who aged well.

There is a new poll up. Have fun voting today ( on my poll and for president ). If you can't decide between Bush or Gore...use the "write in" and vote for Fletch.

November 3, 2000

Fletch fans brace yourself....What you have been looking for since the beginning of time...is finally going to be brought to you for the first time anywhere by this site...the FLETCH SCRIPT is here! The original 1984 script will be available to you soon. I will be posting a few pages at a time every FRIDAY. The link to the script will be on the main page. I was reading through it and its is so awesome. So many cut scenes, cut lines, and more. So for the first time anywhere on the web...Laker Jim's Fletch Won Homepage gives you...

FLETCH: the script

November 1, 2000

Big NEWS to start off November! Word from Kevin Smith during his Vulgarthon this week, is that Fletch has virtually been cast in Kevin's mind. All of you who were sweating, due to the idea of Ben Affleck muttering Fletch lingo, can breathe a sigh of relief. In other words, Kevin said "no, never, never" to that. He said that he would not want to do Fletch Won without Jason Lee as our main man...IRWIN M. FLETCHER. Nothing is definite with either Lee or Smith regarding Fletch. Kevin said that is Fletch doesn't work out, he has a script for another project. Uh-Oh, that doesn't sound good. He doesn't sound to confident...however, with the excitement Jason Lee has shown towards being Fletch, it's bound to rub off on Kevin as they would begin to make it sometime around April/May (if all goes as planned). We'll have to see....Keep praying Fletch fans...nothing is carved in stone.