October 29, 2000


Well today Kevin Smith was at Suncoast @ Willowbrook Mall. Man it was great. There were a ton of people there...the line stretched out through the mall. It was almost impossible to estimate how many people showed up. Jay Mewes was also a surprise addition. Overall it was great. Kev and Jay were so nice and they were letting people get up to 12 things signed. WOW! However they had to be personalized to avoid ebay sales.

Do to the line, I was being rushed, but Kev got a chuckle out of the Fletch Jersey and though it was really cool. When I told him about the website he knew exactly what I was talking about. He congratulated me on such a great page. He was really nice and would have answered a ton of questions if I had time, So I asked him about the Fletch Theme...

Laker Jim: Kev, would you consider using the Fletch Theme in the movie? To give it the feel of the other two?
Kevin: Ahhhhh the old Harold Faltermeyer classic (laughs)...Hmmmm...Yeah I would definitely consider using it. We gotta see.

I know it wasn't much but I asked him about Chevy not to long ago and he told me "We're not even sure if we definitely want Chevy yet." So I figured the "Theme" question would be a good one.

October 28, 2000

Hey everyone. Well I just got back from the VIP dinner party with Magic and Chevy. Overall I had a blast. Unfortunately, the Chevy part was a bit disappointing. When I got there I was just walking around and of the two Chevy was the first to arrive. He didn't look that bad....but he did look old and thin. He has silver/white hair (from what I could see coming out of his hat). He had on coke bottle glasses too and his hat was pulled down shadowing most of his face. Chevy mingled for a few but mainly stayed talking to some guy he must have known. I didn't wanna approach him right away...I figured I'd give him time to settle in...that's where I went wrong. Chevy went up to a table, ate for a bit, and then jetted. I was very disappointed that I didn't even get a chance to say anything to him or take a picture before he left early. Fortunately, I will get another crack at him soon. He is gonna do another private signing soon. When he does, I am gonna get some Fletch Jerseys signed to sell on the site. Hopefully I'll get a chance to speak with him during the private signing.

It was funny, at one point, this guy was thanking people on stage...he was like "I'd like to thank Chevy...actually, I think Chevy left." lol, it was funny.

Tomorrow Morning I go to meet Kevin Smith. I think his appearance at the Willowbrook Mall is only 2 hours so I better get there early. I'll be in my Fletch Jersey, and also taking pictures for the NewsAskew Website. Hope to see you there.

October 26, 2000

Wow, such great news I'm still outta breath. Its not enough that I am meeting Kevin Smith on Saturday....but tomorrow I have been invited to a VIP party with Magic Johnson and Chevy Chase. Its a business type atmosphere so they say no autographs, but cameras are allowed. I will be taking tons of pics of Chevy to see if he's in any kind of Fletch shape. And I wouldn't be doing my job as a Fletch fan if I didn't ask him a few questions about doing Fletch Won. Hopefully I will be able to take pictures with each of them. Its gonna be fun...the VIP Party is in New York...so Big Apple..Here I come!

I hope to have pictures up tomorrow night if i can..if not, they'll be up after I get home from Kevin Smith.

October 25, 2000

Hey everyone...things have been super slow in the world of Fletch. On Saturday, I'm gonna get to meet Kevin Smith at the Willowbrook Mall. I'm really excited. I'll be taking the pictures for NewsAskew of Kevin's appearance. They contacted me and let me know the kinds of pictures to take. I don't know how much time I'll have with him..probably only a few seconds...but I hope to get and autograph, picture with him, and a few Fletch questions in. If you have any suggestions on what my 1 or 2 questions should be..post it in the NoNeverNever Message Board. I'll be wearing my Fletch Jersey so if you see me, feel free to let me know how much you love the site. I'd be honored to talk to ya. I'll sign a few autographs if you want too (just joking but...Ahhh to be famous, my only wish).

October 22, 2000

Hey everyone, sorry I have not updated in a few days but news has been slow. A Big Fletch Fan, "Big Bobo", has posted his own little Fletch Fan Script over in the NoNeverNever Message Board. Its pretty funny...Check it out by Clicking HERE

I don't know if any of you are avid Hollywood Stock Exchange users, but when Kevin announced he was gonna revive the Fletch series, I bought stock in "Chevy Chase (CCHAS)," "Jason Lee (JLEE)," "Kevin Smith (KSMIT)" and in "Fletch 3 (FLET3)." Since then I have made a ton of $$$. I don't really follow it everyday...actually I just sit on the stock and check it every few weeks when I remember I have it, but if you've never done it, check it out its free. Its fun cause it's not really your money. :)

October 17, 2000

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was packed with school work and more school work. But lets get right to the news...

SuperStar Greetings is doing a private signing with Chevy Chase. The signing will occur on October 27, 2000. I called up and spoke to Morty Prince, head of SSG. He told me that unfortunately, this is a private signing only and you would not be able to meet Chevy. Autographs could only be obtained via mail-order. The prices are high for the autos but they do offer a signed Fletch Movie Poster for $118 ( limited to 60 only), Signed BBall for $110, and I'm sure they'll offer a Fletch 8x10 for $54. Also there will be some Caddyshack things he'll be signing (golfballs, posters, etc.).

We also spoke a little about Chevy too. He told me that Chevy is a extreme chain smoker, which I didn't know. We then got into more conversation and so I brought up the Fletch Won project and Kevin Smith. He started going into this long rant about how not using Chevy would be a horrible mistake. The guy goes "Oh I see, so this isn't about autographs or anything. This is about me getting Chevy do be in your movie." I told him I had nothing to do with the movie and was just a fan. He then went on to tell me "its not good business to lead someone on. Its better just to say what you want." I told him again I had no involvement. He knows Chevy very very well and told me if Kevin wanted Chevy in Fletch Won that he is the man who can convince him to be in it, even if Chevy doesn't want to or is still mad at Kev. I contacted Kevin and he told me that they were still not sure they want Chevy in the movie, but if they did, they wouldn't go through the likes of Morty Prince. Kev was really nice and thanked me anyway.

October 13, 2000

When I opened my mailbox today and saw a letter from View Askew (Kevin Smith's Production company) I knew I was in for a treat. In it was an autographed picture of the main logo for this site. I was so happy. Kevin Smith signed it in Black and also drew a little line to Chevy's mouth and wrote "I'll have a steak sandwich..and a steak sandwich!" He then personalized it to me and signed it at the bottom. Check it out. I may put it on the front page for a little bit.

Also it was noted in the Fletch "NoNeverNeverMessage Board" by Jean Claude Smoot that Fletch Lives was on Encore! this past week in prime time (8PM). I'm also glad to see it is still thought well enough off to be put on cable!

My buddy Eric over at the "Official" Unofficial Fletch Page has put up a few more Fletch video clips. Go check them out..the quality is amazing!

Also if you didn't check out the Fletch Store I opened up on this site, check it out. As soon as the new Fletch comes out, I'll have all the merchandize in there for all you Fletch Maniacs! Have a great weekend everyone!

October 12, 2000

Hey everyone, well I finally got a Fletch Store opened up. The link to it is also on the main page on the right side. Its got a few things in it and I hope to get more. If anyone is planning to get another copy of Fletch or Fletch Lives (just because your copy is about to explode for watching it so much) please use my store. This site will receive a little kick back from the link and I plan on putting everything I earn through the store right back into the site via give-aways and contests. Plus they are both new additions (new boxes at least) so maybe they are a little better quality. If anyone has any questions please email me. Or if you were planning to buy anything on Amazon.com....use my link in the store. It would be greatly appreciated. Also in the Fletch Store is the DVD, Purple Fletch #99 Laker Jerseys, and a cool Kevin Smith Poster. If you know of any other Fletch items on the web that provide associate programs, let me know and I'll add them to the site.

Also, I am gonna try to add more info on Gregory McDonald and the Fletch books. A couple people recently have asked me to add such info so with everyone's help, I'll hopefully have it up soon.

October 8, 2000

Well, I got it in just in time, but I did forget. Thanks to Kath for reminding me that today is Chevy's Birthday. Chevy is only 57, however has not aged well. Either way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEVY CHASE!

October 5, 2000

I've posted a new Fletch Poll on the main page where you can vote for who you think is the "Hottest Fletch Girl?" Thanks to Jack "the Biggest Chevy fan on Earth" for the idea

The last poll was won by Richard Libertini. Of the 5 origional Fletch supporting actors..36% of fans want to see Richard Libertini play Frank in Fletch Won. George Wyner was a close second with 30% of the vote to return as Arnold T. Pants, Esq.

I do not know if you caught it, but Alan Stanwyk(Tim Matheson)  played the Vice-President on West Wing last night.  Well the President didn't die, so I do not expect to see old Alan Stanwyk on too many more episodes.  Thanks for the scoop Chris

October 4, 2000

First scooped on News Askew, a college kid named Adam Perry from the Fresno State Collegian interviewed Jason Lee by phone. Jason had the following things to say about being Irwin in Fletch Won:

"I would love to do it. It would be really cool because Kevin [Smith] would adapt it from the novel, and I would be working with him".

Also, Fletch Star George Wendt (Fat Sam) is suing Cheers restaurants for using a robotic "Norms." They claim they own the rights to the character, however he claims that they do not own his likeness. I wish I had a Fat Sam robot. "When it comes, it comes (more news)."

Hey I have made some sound clips from the Cliff and Owen show talking about this site. This was broadcast on Sunday night. Now because I was recording it off the computer, the volume is a little low. So when your playing these...turn up the volume on your winamp or speakers. Click on the few sound clips below...

Who's the MAN?
Talking about my interview with Jim Swarthout
But do they really love the page?
They wanna talk to you know who

Hope they sound fine. If not, let em know and I'll take them off...but i just wanted to give you guys that didnt hear it a chance to review some highlights from the show. I had a very positive responce from it...so thank you everyone who listened. Cliff and Owen thank you too.

October 2, 2000

Boy last night was fun. I know so many of you Fletch fans out there tuned in for the Cliff and Owen Show last night. I got such a positive response from all over that were happy with what went on. Yes, yours truly called and talked Fletch a little bit and was happy to help. It was just great fun listening to a radio station address the topic of Fletch. I was able to get them plugged over at News Askew so hopefully they got some listeners from that. Ultimately, the overall tone of the show was for Jason Lee to step into the role of Irwin M. Fletcher with Chevy in the movie in some fashion. Affleck as Fletch was highly shunned by all involved last night. I wanna thank Cliff and Owen who couldn't be any nicer if they tried. I also wanna thank Eric over at The "Official" Unofficial Fletch page for the kind words and plug as well. Overall it was a great show if I do say so my damn self and will be listening next Sunday at 11:00 (EST)!

I will attempt to put on sound bites from the show incase you missed it. Look for that in the next couple of days! If you heard the show and would like to comment on it jump over to our Fletch message board and post away, We'd all love to hear what you thought.

October 1, 2000

Hey everyone. Well the "Fletch Won" topic is starting to sweep the nation. I've just gotten word that the topic of "Who should play Fletch?" will be spotlighted on a radio show tonight (Sunday night) at 11 PM EST. Every real Fletch Fan needs to tune in for this one..They are really great guys and big Fletch buffs as well. Also feel free to call in. I'm not sure where it is, but if you can tell its a local call...give it a shot. The webcast is a perfect way for fans to hear it...Here's the info:

The show name: the Cliff and Owen Show
Time: Sundays 11-12:30 (Eastern Standard Time)
Station: 93.1 KSTO radio

webbroadcast:  http://ksto.net80.stolaf.edu:8080/ramgen/encoder/live.rm
phone: 507-646-3602

Also I got some emails about the link to the Fletch Drinking Game not working. I works on this end, but if it does not work for you...the drinking game is also located in the Fletch "NoNeverNever Message Board" about half way down posted by me.