September 26, 2000
Today I got a big treat in the mail yesterday! A long forgotten object has returned to me. I opened an envelope to find my Fletch DVD that I had sent to Chevy Chase autographed.He wrote "Best" right above the Fletch logo and "Chevy Chase" off to the lower left of it. Was the "Best" short for "All the Best" or writing over the logo maybe he was referring to being the "Best Fletch." I dunno...Don't wanna cause a controversy. Just having a little fun reading into it...you make the call. I sent it in May and it got here yesterday so it took about 4 months for him to get it back signed. I sent an self address stamped envelope that he returned the DVD in. Click on the little Fletch DVD above to see it bigger. The address I sent to was:

Chevy Chase
c/o CAA
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

If you don't send something for him to sign, I've heard that you get a 5x7 preprint. If you try it and he gets back to you, send us a scan and we'll post it just to inform everyone that the address still works. As of now, it does. I had an extra Fletch DVD that I had won. So I could have afforded to lose it. Don't send anything you can't afford to lose. But he's a cool enough guy (when i met him and for signing via mail) so take a chance. He'll always be the best, even if thats not what he had in mind.

September 25, 2000

Hey Fletch Fans. Not much Fletch stuff as far as news....but I have tried to contact G. Gordon Liddy about the use of his name in the movie Fletch. Liddy is a radio talk show host now and will not return my emails to him. Liddy was involved the whole Nixon scandal. His email address is gordonliddy@aol.com . Write him, put him on your buddy list, IM him! Try to get some sort of response from him about Chevy using his name as an alias. If you can, email it to me and I'll post your good work in the News with your name.

September 21, 2000

Our buddy Erik A over at The Official Unofficial Fletch Page has put up some awesome Fletch stuff. He put up some great Fletch video clips that I have not seen anywhere on the web. He's the first to have them so if you see them anywhere else, please let me know and I'll alert him and the proper authorities(no cops, just a bunch of Fletch fans that'll kick you around). He's also got some things on there that even I haven't thought about. So check out his page. He's a great guy and a good friend of this site.

September 19, 2000

I've taken the old news and added them to an archive section on the bottom of this page. So if you wanna see a new tidbit that you missed, you can go to it....Only the currents month's news will show on this page...Once October comes, the September news will be archived below as well.

September 18, 2000

Sorry bout my drunk comments that were here a few days ago. I played the FLETCH DRINKING GAME with vodka. DO NOT DO THIS! You have to play it with beer. Drink responsibly..Please...For the Love of Fletch!

BTW - We looked up the word "pederast" up in the dictionary. Fletch uses it in the line "Probably that "pederast" Hanahand." Anyway...the dictionary says it means the following:

Pederast- lover of boys: one that practices anal intercourse esp. with a boy.

September 15, 2000

I have updated two Fletch Sections today. I have added 4 new pictures to the Picture section. Also by request, I had added the catchy song "Bit by Bit" by Stephanie Mills. Its in MP3 format and in the Sounds section. Typing this news update, I've already listened to it 3 times in a row!

September 14, 2000

Today I went to CVS to read the Entertainment Weekly. I didn't buy it but I did stand there and read it. It actually has a cool pic of Chevy and also reveals some interesting info. It stated that Mathew Perry's people have contacted Smith about the role of Fletch. Same goes for John Cusak's people. Hell, Smith even said that Chris Rock's people have contacted him about being Fletch. Kevin response..."Anything is possible." However, his two top leads for the role of Irwin is still Jason Lee and Ben Affleck.

I also added a great photo to the DVD section. It is possibly a cut scene. Its Chevy in his Laker uniform falling into the crowd. This is why we NEED a Special Edition DVD! Go sign the petitions now if you haven't. It's not gonna get made if people don't sign them both! : (

September 13, 2000

Hey everyone, Fletch has been really slow recently. There was a mention of Fletch Won in Entertainment Weekly but it was only in a section for movies that were once dead and now are back.

I have still not recieved word back from Kevin Smith on the autographed Main logo of the site I sent him. He told me where to send it and to include a SASE too. In Kevin's defense...He has been really busy running around speaking at places all over the US. I emailed him, and he told me a few weeks ago that he has a pile of SASE that have to go out and that mine is probally in there somewhere. I mailed my letter on August 9th, so I'll let everyone know when and if i get it.

I also added another review of the book "FLETCH WON" to the Fletch Won Section of the site that Travers Naran was kind enought to write for us. Check it out.

September 7, 2000

Hey Fletch Fans, news has been dead and with school in full swing, things are crazy. I have put up a new poll so make sure you vote on "What Character or Actor would you like to see in a cameo in Fletch Won?" But for now here are the results of the previous poll...

What is your favorite Fletch disguise?
G Gordon Liddy  (8)


Mr. Poon  (14)


Baba au Rum  (5)


Peggy Lee Zorba  (1)


Dr. Rosenrosen  (20)


Henry Himler (KKK)  (4)


Claud Henry Smoot  (5)



Total Votes: 57

September 6, 2000

Laker Jim's Shining Moment

Hey everyone. I just received a comp issue of XXL BASKETBALL MAGAZINE (July issue) because my KURT RAMBIS Homepage was featured in it. I'm not sure what language the text is in, but it is cool nonetheless. If anyone can click on the third picture and translate the write up I would be very grateful. Or if anyone even knows what country its from...that'd be great. So be proud Rambis fans...and check out my site if you haven't already ... http://rambis.homepage.com and check out the news for pictures of the article.

September 1, 2000

Can't believe September is here. That means school is right around the corner. My buddy Bill "the HULK" has made an awesome Fletch Won winamp skin. He has a bunch a really great skins. check out his website Bill the Hulk's Hell - its in Winamps. He is really talented...also contact him about making a skin for your site...he's a great guy.

Kevin Smith, as reported from News Askew, recently commented that his next project after VA5 would be "Fletch 3: Not a Trace of Chevy." He quickly covered up the joke with "no decisions had been made yet."

Also, for people on the East Coast with cable... Fletch is on TBS as we speak. (its 1:55 AM right now and it's Thurs night/Fri morn). Fletch is in the records room as of 1:55 AM. So if your checking this and its around this time, pop on TBS...Fletch is on.