October 29, 2001

Not much news in the last week or so to bring you...but here are a few things to tide you over. A new Chevy Chase site has caused much rumblings on the message board. Apparently the webmaster there took my "Letter to Boyd", removed the Fletch Won logo from it and put it on his site as his own. Since then, I have spoken with him and he has reverted the image back to the way it is on this site. I just wanted to say how proud I was of everyone who went to battle for this site. We got a good group of Fletch supporters here. But check out his site, after all, it is currently the only all Chevy site on the net: Chevy Chase Central. He seems like a nice guy and has since apologized on the board. But thanks again to everyone who defended this site's honor.

Apparently filming of Smith's "Jersey Girl" will not begin filming (waiting for Affleck) until June. So since Kevin will hopefully finish up that script soon, He'll have time to maybe begin writing "Fletch Won"

Also, Tim "Stanwyk" Matheson appeared in MAD this month in a "West Wing" spoof.

October 17, 2001

There is a new Fletch Lives Script Update (in section 7). In it Fletch asks Calculus about the Farnsworth Ministry.

I don't know if any of you have the Sci-Fi channel or are Quantum Leap fans, but George "Gillet" Wyner will be on it tonight (Weds night) at midnight (or whenever the QL re-run is shown in your time-zone) "Future Boy" (also guest stars Richard Herd) It's a great Episode. Check it out tonight...

Peter Lemonjello sent in a Fletch drawing he did in a computer art program. Go to the Draw Fletch Section to check it out.

I am in the process of making all of the images on the site much smaller so that loading time will be virtually cut in half. With PhotoShop 6, it allows you to save images for the web at reduced size. So that's what I'm in the process of doing now. it'll allow me to make the site, much more graphic intense, without the heavy loading time. As I'm sure you can tell, the front page loads much quicker. Talk to you all soon...

October 12, 2001

I don't know if any of you caught that new show on NBC Tuesday night, "Scrubs"? Zac Burns did and reports that there was a reference to Fletch.  "The two interns were sitting on their couch and the one said to the other "So what do you want to watch?"  The other intern replied "Want to watch Fletch?"  Then the interns girlfriend said that she has already seen it, to which her boyfriend replies "But you haven't seen it with us saying all the lines" Pretty cool. It seems like a really funny show. Thanks for the heads up Zac!

Also, there is a new section of the Fletch Lives Script up (bottom of section 6). In it, Fletch gets some info on Amanda Ray, Belle Isle, and the Deputy as Bugbusters springs into action

October 8, 2001

Today is Chevy Chase's Birthday....He's 58 years old..

As many of you probably saw, Chevy made an appearance on SNL on Saturday. "....it was near the end of the news segment. Tina fey started a story about the recent shark attacks and then there was a ring at the "news desk door" ...she went to the door, and it was the same set-up as the old skits! after she was "attacked" ...he sat at the desk with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy ended the news with "I'm Jimmy Fallon" and Chevy responded "and I'm not." If you saw it, chat about it on the MooooonRiver Message Board.

Thanks to Kath for the heads up :)

October 4, 2001

Big news...well kinda. I was thumbing through the November issue of "ToyFare" Magazine and there it was. Looking me right in the face was a Fletch 12 inch doll. I almost sh*t myself. Unfortunately I soon realized it was more of a "I wish they made a Fletch Doll" then an ad for it's release. They mention that AndGor.com made it for them. It looks AMAZING. Click HERE or on the pic to see the whole doll and write up. They also include different outfits that they can sell for him. I contacted them about mass producing the Fletch doll to be sold on my site. We are working out a reasonable price right now. It really depends on how many of you would be willing to buy a Fletch 12 inch doll. So check it out and if you would be interested in paying about $40 or so for it, post on the MoooonRiver Board and let me know.

Also, there is a new poll about buying a Fletch doll. Answer seriously please. In the last poll "Would you like to see Chevy make a Cameo in Fletch Won...92% of you said "YES!"

October 2, 2001

Jake was good enough, not only to break the news about the Fletch books being republished, but also to scan the new cover for us. Below shows the book "Fletch" and it's new cover art. Like reported earlier, the books will be republished in phases. The new Fletch edition should be out in March of 2002.

Also, I've received a few email from fans who want more info on the books in general. It's really the only thing this site is missing. So I am currently working on a section devoted to all kinds of information about each of the books. As many of you know, I haven't read all the books. So if you have read them and wanna lend a hand with information, drop me an email.

Also, the August news has been filed in the Records Room.

September 26, 2001

Some fun news to give ya. I was able to do a brief interview with R. Lee Ermey who played "Jimmy Lee Farnsworth" in Fletch Lives. I surfed over to his site and emailed him a few questions. He was nice enough to email me back the answers. Go to Laker Jim's Fletch Won Interviews to read his comments on Fletch Lives, Chevy Chase and Jason Lee!

There is also a new section of the Fletch Lives script up (section 6). In it Fletch receives a visit and offer for Belle Isle.

And to round out an all Fletch Lives news day...Fletch lives will appear on TNT for the first time ever. It will air on October 7 at 5:00 AM EST. That's kind of a odd time for such a classic don't you think?

September 19, 2001

Well, not much can be said about last week's tragedy. I didn't update the site, because I just didn't feel it was important. A WTC commentary from me was not necessary either. I posted my thoughts and well wishes , along with other Fletch fans, on the MoooonRiver Board. I think now, however, it is time to escape a little bit. Here's some Fletch news that should cheer you up a bit...

Jake broke the news that Gregory McDonald's Fletch books will be republished next year. Apparently, according to Jake, "they will come out in phases, with Fletch, Confess, Fletch, and Fletch's Fortune kicking it off early next year. Next summer, it's Fletch Won and Fletch and the Widow Bradley, and so on. The Flynn books are also being republished, including the never-before published Flynn's World. I think the Flynn books are coming out next winter."

Kevin Smith was asked on his message board this week "If Fletch Won turns out to be a hit, any chance you'll make any of the other pre-Fletch books into a movie?" Kevin responded: "Not me. But Miramax has optioned the whole library (minus the two with Flynn in them), so if the movie hits, they might make more." So I guess, the one movie will be it for Kevin. Thanks to SpinalPap for the heads up.

The is also a new Fletch Lives script update (bottom of section 5). To make up for the week without Fletch news, I typed up a big section of the script. In it Fletch relaxes with Calculus and then gets interrupted by the Klan. There's some cut lines and scenes in this one.

Also the July news was filed in the Records Room - B1

September 8, 2001

Fletch news has been slow recently, so I just wanted to check in to wish everyone who started school this week a nice relaxing weekend of Football. Over the past week a Fletch satin film jacket sold on ebay for almost $300 Check it out here!

I have a new poll up. In the last poll of "Which Book should Kevin Start with?," 60% voted for Fletch Won ( I wonder how many actually read the book). Coming in second with 19% was "NO BOOK, Fletch 3." And rounding out the top three was "Confess, Fletch" which got 10% of the votes. So go to top of the page and vote on the new question.

Took a little break from the Fletch Lives Script, but now there is a NEW Fletch Lives Section up (section 5). In it, Ham gives Fletch some free advice.