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December 29, 2001

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I'm been relaxing and taking some time off from my sites, but some Fletch news has surfaced and I wanted to make sure you all got it as soon as possible...

I saw Lord of the Rings last night....good movie...but what did it for me is when Frodo (Elijah Wood) is asked what his name is at an Inn (while trying to hide his identity) he fumbles for an alias and responds "Underhill." He is later referred to by someone there as "Mr. Underhill." Maybe J.R.R. Tolkien  is a big Fletch fan...never know!?!

Chick Hearn is recovering nicely from his heart surgery last week. He is walking around his house and says he might return to the Lakers Feb. 2nd vs. @home vs. the Bulls.

The Re-release of the Fletch books can be pre-ordered via my Books Section. They ship in March. Plus pre-ordering through here will help the site out with a little kick back from Amazon.

And finally, Fletch Lives will be on TBS twice tomorrow...once at 2:45pm (EST) and again tomorrow night at 12:45am

December 20, 2001

Geometry Richard sent us a super drawing of Chevy from Fletch Lives....its a great visual of Elmer Fudd Gantrey spitting blood, pissin blood, bleedin. Go to the Draw Fletch Section to check it out.

Lloyder from the message board brought up a Fletch fact that some of you might not know. When Fletch says "...and bring me the head of Alfrado Garcia" he is referring to the 1974 movie starring Kris Kristofferson. For more info on what Fletch is asking for in the Records Room, go to The Official Unofficial Fletch Page.

And finally, some sad news, Fletch alum and Long-time Lakers Legendary play-by-play announcer Chick Hearn underwent heart surgery late Wednesday to repair a clogged valve. The 85-year-old Hearn had an elective procedure to replace a damaged valve. The recovery period is six weeks (Chick claims he'll be back in four weeks), which means Hearn's streak of 3,338 consecutive games spanning 36 years, behind the Laker microphone is over. Keep Chick in your prayers. We wish him the best of luck for a speedy recovery. His 3,338-game streak will end Thursday.

December 18, 2001

DVD News from a New Fletch site, Fletch UK: As Far as you know, reports that Fletch will get it's region 2 release on December 24th. It'll be the same bare DVD released in the US. Fletch UK also reports that the best place to pick it up is at Play247 - Fletch DVD. Check it out even if your not buying it to check out the slightly different DVD cover design.

Vince Elsing, who's work you may recognize from News Askew, is a big fan of the site and sent us a Jason Lee "Fletch" skin that Fletch fans can use in the game "The Sims." The skin, shows Jason in his Fletch gear and Kobe Bryant jersey. (it will also be located in the "Download Section"). If you are interested in adding a young Fletch, email Vince (who told me he'll be working on a Chevy Fletch soon).

December 14, 2001

Chase ready for primetime with sitcom at NBC ..... Chevy Chase has teamed with his former boss at NBC's "Saturday Night Live," Lorne Michaels, to do a family comedy for the peacock network. The sitcom, which will star Chase as a father of three daughters, is being developed at NBC Studios. Writer-producers Richard Dresser and Tom Leopold (ABC's "Madigan Men") are writing the project and will executive produce with Michaels and Chase. Sources said that ABC, which is enjoying success with "According to Jim" -- a family comedy starring another "SNL" star, Jim Belushi, as a father figure -- also had expressed interest in the Chase project, but it was ultimately set up at NBC. Chase was one of the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players picked by Michaels for the launch of "SNL" in 1975.(thanks to David Shaw for the scoop)

December 11, 2001

Finally it's here. No not Fletch Won, but close. People have been begging, (some prodding) me to put some information on the books by Gregory McDonald. Well with the help of Ryan Kirk (who wrote all the write-ups), the books section is in full swing. We will start were the creator (Gregory McDonald, not God) started....Fletch (1974). Each week a new book will be done. This week find out all sorts of info about the book that you never knew. While I work on the Books logo for the front page go to The Books Section and click on Fletch. Let me know what you think on the Message Board

Also, there is a new (kinda) Chevy site up called Chevy Chase:Unauthorized. Its a pretty nice fan site with some cool things on there including their rendition of the Fletch 3 saga. Its got some great original stuff on there too. They also have added some very kind words about us in their links section and gave us the "5-Mangeled Marty Moose Head, "Chevy-rific!" rating." And yes, thats the best you can get. Check out the "trivia" section, you'll find out a ton about Chevy that I bet you never knew.

December 9, 2001

Some good news comes my way via Fletch creator Gregory McDonald. Apparently Mr. McDonald LOVES the site and finds it very flattering. Well I find that very flattering as well.

There is a new Fletch Lives script section up. Its the second part or Part 7. In it Fletch visits the televised ministry of Jimmy Lee and claps inappropriately.

December 2, 2001

ObliqueHouse sent me an e-mail informing me that one of our favorite Fletch aliases "Peter Lemonjello" is a real person. And it's actually Peter Lemongello with a "g." Peter Lemongello was a singer who reached fame in the 1970's mass-marketing an album on TV and sold a few million in the process!. You can check out his website www.peterlemongello.com and hear a few samples from his new CD coming out (which is what he calls "The Best of Peter Lemongello"). There you can also join his fan club for free. I joined, I'll let you all know when I get something.

ScottyStorm2K1 made a great observation...In Mallrats, Jason Lee (Brodie) has drugs planted on him by LaFours.  In Fletch, Fletch has drugs planted on him by the police chief.  The two situations were almost identical to the plot.

I filed the September and October news on the same page in the RecordsRoom....you all know you can locate it in B1.