May 28, 2001

Bandit emailed me about something he noticed on his Fletch poster. When I looked at my "coming soon" poster, I found the same thing. Its says Music by Tom Scott. "Tom Scott is a renowned jazz composer, who later served as Chevy's band leader on his Fox talk show. When the film was released, of course, the music used was composed by Harold Faltermyer." Was Faltermyer a last second replacement? I wonder...Chat about it in the Message Board.

Dana Wheeler Nicholson (below) also appears in the commercial for the upcoming Martin Lawrence movie "What's the Worst that can Happen?" Apparently the former Mrs. Stanwyk is making a comeback on both TV and film. The film hits theaters June 1st.

May 24, 2001

Today Jake posted in the Mooooon River Message Board that Dana Wheeler Nicholson( who played Gail Stanwyk) was on All My Children. I flip it on and caught her for a little bit. She still looks great! Here are a few shot of her from today's show. She should be on tomorrow as well. Also, looking up info on her...found out that she was in a movie called "Denise Calls Up" where she ironically plays a character named "Gail."

In this month's Stuff Magazine (June with Jamie Pressly on the cover) there is a section called "Line, Please." On page 46, there is Fletch's "steak sandwich" line and a picture of him too. Check it out by clicking HERE. Thanks for the heads up Lemonjello!

May 21, 2001

Some news today. The final section of the Fletch Script is up (section 10). Check it out. It has a new ending that some might enjoy. Also, the final screen direction is weird due to the fact that it says "just like Chevy Chase would do." Now I wonder if Chevy wasn't in mind to play Fletch when this was written. Also look for a special "PS" from me at the end.

The Fletch Section of the site has been re-vamped. I got some goodies in there that I'm sure you'll all get a kick out of.

Also Bandit emailed me in regards to Chevy's "Three Fingered Peace sign" he kept doing during Millionaire. "He had met his wife when she worked behind the scenes on one of his films.  While they were shooting the movie, he'd flirt with her over the walkie-talkies, but he couldn't say anything too mushy because other people could listen in.  'Three' stands for 3 words 'I love you.'" Thanks for the info.

And finally (as mentioned last week), Frank himself, Richard Libertini turns 68 today! Happy Birthday! Below is a picture of what he looks like now.

May 17, 2001

Some very exciting news to report. I just got an email from Mr. Kevin Smith himself. In it he suggested to me that we can do an interview with him in September. His reason..."That's about when I'll be thinking of 'Fletch'. " This is great news, not only because I'll probably get the first Fletch Interview out of him, but also because it seems Fletch is next on his agenda.

So although it's four months away, we've been waiting 12 years for another Fletch. So four months doesn't seem so long. Get your questions ready. I want everyone to send in your questions about Fletch Won for Kevin and I'll ask him. Looks like this site is gonna be able to get all the questions answered that we've always wanted to know!

Also vote in the new poll above. "Besides Fletch, Who is your favorite Fletch Lives character?" I am currently revamping the Fletch section of the site too.

May 15, 2001

Hey gang, I caught Richard Libertini on NYPD Blue the other night. I think it was a re-run from last season, but I wanted to show everyone that he still looks very much like "Frank" despite the fact that he'll be 68 years old on May 21st. He was doing some very "Frank-ish" facial expressions too. If he dyed his hair a bit, he'd look exactly the same. He looks allot better than Chevy (who is 10 years younger). His hair is still dark, the front of his chin is a bit whiter than it was in 1985. Other than that Kev, here's your man to play Frank in Fletch Won...Richard Libertini! What do you think?

There is a Script Update today too. (waits for applause to die down) We are coming down the home stretch as Fletch gets his rubber gloves ready for action in section 9.

May 13, 2001

Today is Julianne Phillips' 41st Birthday. She played the lovely Becky Culpepper in Fletch Lives. Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2001

Not allot of news to report...Been dead really and with school ending I'm burnt out. There is a new Script Update today. In the new section (section 9) Fletch is close to wrapping everything up. He puts the clamps on Gummy and Sam to get their depositions.

Tonight is the night on Millionaire that Chevy has to get up there. Its down to him and the utterly annoying Martin Short. I hope Chevy at least beats him to the seat. After Shorts constant barrage of unfunny sounds and Jerry Lewis impressions, I think Regis need to lie down after this is all over.

May 8, 2001

Erik from the The Official Unofficial Fletch Page sent me a great bit of information. In the Fletch book,  "Fletch and the Man Who," there is a guy named Hanrahan. Who Chevy improvs, is "probably bucking for a promotion." Also I remember that the Stanwyks are mentioned in "Fletch Won." Tim Matheson has already said in our interview that he would love to reprise his role.

Chevy will be on Celebrity Millionaire again tonight. Lets hope he does better that he did on Sunday. The highlight of the night was Chevy's strange three fingered peace sign. After you watch tonight...hop over to the MooooooonRiver Board and chat about Chevy's performance on day 2.

Also, "Kenny the Swede" sent in another similarity between Jason Lee and Chevy's Fletch..."The scene in Mallrats in which Jason Lee addresses the game show audience from the stage with a microphone while the police canvass the crowd and move in, is eerily similar to the scene in Fletch where Fletch grabs the mic and addresses the audience at Fred "The Dorf" Dorfman's ceremony while police are moving in thru the crowd." Good call, thanks!

May 5, 2001

Sun May 6 09:00 ABC- ABC
Tue May 8 08:00 ABC- ABC
Wed May 9 10:00 ABC- ABC
Thu May 10 09:00 ABC- ABC
Fri May 11 08:00 ABC- ABC

Don't forget that Chevy "Fletch" Chase will appear on Celebrity "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Tomorrow night. We already know that he is one of the last two to get into the seat. Celebrities include Jason Alexander, Chevy Chase, Edie Falco, Dennis Franz, John Leguizamo, Kelly Ripa, Martin Short, Kevin Sorbo, Ben Stiller and Alfre Woodard.

Also Jack let me know that on June 6th "Cops and Robbersons" will be released on DVD. It has the same director as the Fletch movies as well as CO-staring Doctor Jelly Finger himself. It amazes me that people think a Fletch Lives DVD won't make money...but this one will.

May 3, 2001

Laker Jim's
Fletch Survivor
Coming Soon

Tonight is the final SURVIVOR! Imagine a celebrity Survivor! Or a Fletch Survivor? I am trying to work out the details for a Fletch survivor that will take place on this site during Survivor 3 next year. It will allow everyone to randomly get their own character from the world of Fletch and strategically try to avoid being voted out while becoming the ultimate survivor. I'm working on the role playing aspects now.

This week's Script Update is available today. Fletch makes one more visit to Cabana One! (bottom of section 8)

The March News has been archived and is available at the bottom of this news section.

Enjoy Survivor tonight. It's gonna be great!!!!